Call for participation: IPTPS'03

Call for participation: IPTPS'03

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The 2nd International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems (IPTPS'03)

20-21 February, 2003
Claremont Hotel, Berkeley, CA, USA.

Important Dates:

  * 25 October 2002     : Submission of position papers
  * 20 December 2002    : Notification of Acceptance
  * 15 January 2003     : Camera-ready copies
  * 20-21 February 2002 : IPTPS'03

The 2nd International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems (IPTPS'03) aims
to provide a forum for researchers active in peer-to-peer computing to
discuss the state-of-the-art and to identify key research challenges
in peer-to-peer computing. IPTPS'03 hopes to continue and build on the
success of the first workshop, IPTPS'02.

The goal of the workshop is to examine peer-to-peer technologies,
applications and systems, and also to identify key research issues and
challenges that lie ahead. In the context of this workshop,
peer-to-peer systems are characterized as being decentralized,
self-organizing distributed systems, in which all or most
communication is symmetric. Topics of interest include, but are not
limited to:

     * peer-to-peer applications and services
     * peer-to-peer systems and infrastructures
     * peer-to-peer algorithms
     * security in peer-to-peer systems
     * robustness in peer-to-peer systems
     * anonymity and anti-censorship
     * performance of peer-to-peer systems
     * workload characterization for peer-to-peer systems

The workshops aims to bring together researchers and practitioners in
the fields of systems, networking, and theory. The program of the
workshop will be a combination of invited talks, presentations of
position papers, and discussions.  To ensure a productive workshop
environment, attendance will be limited to about 50 participants who
are active in the field. Each potential participant should submit a
position paper of 5 pages or less that exposes a new problem,
advocates a specific solution, or reports on actual
experience. Participants will be invited based on the originality,
technical merit and topical relevance of their submissions, as well as
the likelihood that the ideas expressed in their submissions will lead
to insightful technical discussions at the workshop. Please do not
submit abbreviated versions of journal or conference papers.


Program Committee:
 Miguel Castro, Microsoft Research
 Joe Hellerstein, UC Berkeley
 Richard Karp, UC Berkeley
 Frans Kaashoek, MIT (co-chair)
 Nancy *, MIT
 David Mazieres, New York University
 Robert Morris, MIT
 Ion Stoica, UC Berkeley (co-chair)
 Marvin Theimer, Microsoft Research
 Amin Vahdat, Duke University
 Geoffrey Voelker, UC San Diego
 Ellen Zegura, Georgia Tech
 Hui Zhang, CMU

Steering Committee:
 Druschel, Rice University
 Frans Kaashoek, MIT
 Antony Rowstron, Microsoft Research
 Scott Shenker, ICIR, Berkeley
 Ion Stoica, UC Berkeley

Administrative Assistant:
 Bob Miller, UC Berkeley


1. SCOPES'03 First Call for Participation (Vienna, Sept 03)

SCOPES'03 - First Call for Participation

Vienna, Austria, September 24-26, 2003

SCOPES 2003 is the 7th workshop in a series of workshops which
initially were called "International Workshops on Code Generation for
Embedded Processors". The name SCOPES has been used since the fourth
workshop. The scope of the workshop is that of software for embedded
systems with emphasis on code generation (compilers) for embedded
processors. Topics of highest interest include:

    * code generation for embedded processors
    * compilers for reconfigurable architectures
    * compilation for hardware/software co-design
    * optimizations for embedded Java
    * specification and validation techniques for embedded software
    * run-time support and real-time operating systems
    * software synthesis
    * software design for multiprocessor systems
    * exploitation of memory hierarchies
    * optimization for low-power architectures
    * design of embedded software

A key goal of the workshop is to provide an interactive atmosphere.
Questions are allowed during all presentations. There will be special
discussion sessions. The workshop is open to all interested

Important dates:

Early Registration:    till August 24, 2003

Workshop date:         September 24-26, 2003

---------------------------------------------------------------------------   Inst. f. Computersprachen, TU Wien
tel: (+431) 58801/18511                  Argentinierstr. 8/4/1851
fax: (+431) 58801/18598                  A-1040 Wien     AUSTRIA     EUROPE

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