Cray Computer Files For Bankruptcy Protection ????????

Cray Computer Files For Bankruptcy Protection ????????

Post by Tom Weld » Wed, 05 Apr 1995 04:00:00

>   I am not sure of this news but could anyone please confirm. Although they
>  seem to have lots of orders for their latest cray released on march 14th or
>  so(for the matter even newsweek has a small section on it)
>  the reason if at all the news is true is for the lack of sales.

> Ashok Viswanathan

>[Clari news post deleted]

Sad to say, it's true. Cray Computer in Colorado Springs has filed for
bankruptcy protection. However, they never received an order for either a
Cray-3 or a Cray-4. Perhaps you have confused yourself by thinking of Cray
Research in Minnesota, which spun out Cray Computer several years ago. Cray
Research still seems to be going strong.

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1. Cray Computer is *NOT* Cray Research

Are you sure you are not mismatching Cray Computer and Cray Research ?

It is true that Cray Computer (Cray-3,Cray-4) is bankrupt now, but
Cray Research (Cray-YMP,Cray-C90,Cray-T90,Cray-T3D,...) is a *totally*
different company and is not at all in a bad financial situation.

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