Super-linear (super-critical) algorithms needed

Super-linear (super-critical) algorithms needed

Post by Gyorgy Pong » Sat, 13 Aug 1994 10:04:52

Dear Prallelists,

I'm looking for super-optimal (super-linear, super-critical)
parallel algorithms/methods, which are (seem to be)
executed in less time on N processors, than 1/N times
their execution time on 1 processor:

  tN < t1/N

I know the effect of the limited cache size,
the parallel backtracking (B. Monien, O. Vornberger),
the effect of lasy-cancellation at the optimistic parallel
discrete event simulation, but I'm searching for more.

Especially interesting are the "real" super-optimal ones,
which execute faster even if the parallel execution is emulated on
one processor.

Thank you:  Gy. Pongor



Hey people,

Super:Super:... is not a valid construct. Is there some way I can skip an
inheritance level?  I would presume you should be able to (this is
particularly useful for skipping one level of Init(), for example) but don't
see how.

Any ideas?



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