Call for Papers IJFCS

Call for Papers IJFCS

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                         CALL FOR PAPERS
     International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science
            Special Issue on Interconnection Networks

Massively parallel computers and distributed computer networks are
rapidly expanding technologies that are redefining the way we do
computing.  Advances in packaging and VLSI now enable us to build
massively parallel computers with hundreds to thousands of interconnected
processors that collectively solve compute-intensive problems at very
high speed.  Likewise, innovations in fiber optics and wireless
communications now make it feasible to design large-scale distributed
networks which interconnect tens of thousands of end-users and servers
to provide distributed processing, resource sharing, information gathering
and dissemination, and knowledge communication.

As new applications are developed and new markets are created through
these technologies, the demand for higher communication bandwidths and
processing speeds become even greater.  While there has been significant
progress in high-speed processor design, high-performance interconnection
network design has lagged.  This is due in part to the lack of interaction
and collaboration between researchers in massively parallel architectures
and researchers in distributed networks but who nonetheless study similar
issues such as routing algorithms, communication protocols, and applications

Original papers are sought for this special issue which intends to
present a systematic and coherent treatment of interconnection network
design issues.  Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

(1)   Network Topologies
(2)   Network Routing and Communication Algorithms
(3)   Embedding and Mapping of Application and Algorithms
(4)   Reconfigurable Architectures
(5)   Parallel Algorithms on Processor Networks
(6)   Packaging and VLSI Layout Design
(7)   Optical Interconnections (Free-Space or Fiber)
(8)   Wide Area Network Backbone Design and Optimization
(9)   ATM Architecture and Network Protocols
(10)  Wireless and Mobile Interconnections

Please submit 5 copies of your complete manuscript (not exceeding 20
single-spaced pages including figures, tables, etc.) to Dr. D. Frank Hsu
(address indicated below) by November 1, 1995.  All papers should include
a title page containing title, author(s) names and affiliations, regular
postal addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and fax numbers.  
Please refer to IJFCS (V.5, No. 1, March 1994) or contact any editor
listed below for submission requirements and typesetting instructions.

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