Cray Computer rumor

Cray Computer rumor

Post by Gregory T. By » Wed, 20 May 1992 00:21:31

I heard a rumor that Cray Computer has partnered with a parallel vendor.
Anyone care to add details or deny the rumor?

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1. Cray Computer is *NOT* Cray Research

Are you sure you are not mismatching Cray Computer and Cray Research ?

It is true that Cray Computer (Cray-3,Cray-4) is bankrupt now, but
Cray Research (Cray-YMP,Cray-C90,Cray-T90,Cray-T3D,...) is a *totally*
different company and is not at all in a bad financial situation.

Best regards,

Christopher Potter                              
CRAY T3D support/Parallel Applications Engineer

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