Scheduling in Shared Memory Multiprocessor Systems

Scheduling in Shared Memory Multiprocessor Systems

Post by Srikant Subramani » Thu, 16 Jul 1992 05:45:18

I find this area quite interesting and will be doing my Master's Thesis in this
subject. For starters, I would like to have some info about the affinity
scheduling (and its variants) mechanisms that have been proposed. Also, would
appreciate knowing some of the current work in this area. Suggestions/info/
pointers about possible thesis topics are welcome.

Thanks in advance,

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1. Dynamic Scheduling Algorithms for multiprocessor real-time systems

    I am currently doing research for a presentation in my fourth year
computer science (UNBC) class on the topic of Dynamic Scheduling
Algorithms for Multiprocessor real-time systems.  Unfortunately UNBC
is the newest university in North America and therefore the local
research material are lacking. I was wondering if any of you might be
able to suggest good places to look for research on this topic.  Or
better yet it would be nice if you could point me to papers that have
been written on this topic.

Paul Cooley



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