Benchmarks---What Benchmarks are there?

Benchmarks---What Benchmarks are there?

Post by Dr. C.D. Wrig » Wed, 23 Jun 1993 17:14:00

We have a network of over 100 workstations, a farm
of UNIX boxes and a compute intensive server.   We
are interested in being able to give sensible answers
to people who say "yes, but how fast is it?".

I know that the area of benchmarking in general is
a grey one, but I need to know what packages there
are out there that purport to do benchmarking.
I already have the "BECAUSE" suite, and have heard
about GENESIS (and would like to know where to get
it), but I would be pleased to hear of any others,
along with comments as to what it is they measure,
how portable they are, what they run on, and what's
needed to make them go.

All replies here and by EMAIL are welcome, and thanks
in advance.

Colin Wright.


Benchmarks---What Benchmarks are there?

Post by Dr. C.D. Wrig » Thu, 24 Jun 1993 18:00:14

I have already had a massive response, but so far it's
entirely from people asking for a summary of the replies !!

I shall post a summary here when the traffic dies down.

To start the ball rolling, ad after an item I saw above ...

   " There is the NAS parallel benchmarks, but I don't
     know what they're like, nor how to get them. "



1. Benchmark Logiciel France 1995 (Software Development Benchmark)

In french: Martinig & Associs organise en ce moment un
benchmark (gratuit!) sur le processus de dveloppement du logiciel
en France. Toutes les organisations (entreprise ou administration)
qui dsirent y participer sont pries d'envoyer leurs coordonnes

En anglais : Martinig & Associates is curently performing a benchmark
of the software development process of French organisations. If you
are reading this part, there is a big chance that you are not
concerned by the benchmark. If you are interested in assessing your
software development process, this service is part of the
organisational subscription to the Methods & Tools newsletter ($60).
Look at <> for more information...

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