call for papers on computer design: new grand challenge

call for papers on computer design: new grand challenge

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A minitrack of The Architecture Track of the 27th Hawaii
International Conference on System Sciences is being organized
on the theme of High Performance Computation in the field of
Computer Design. Computer manufacturing is a major industrial
consumer of computation. The design of VLSI chips is highly
dependent on software tools that perform various modeling,
optimization and testing functions. Enhancement of these tools
to utilize techniques of High Performance Computation can en-
hance dramatically the design of new chips and computer systems.

The primary object of the Minitrack will be to bring together
people who specialize in the use of modern parallel super-
computers and computer architects who are using extensive
amounts of computing in computer design.

Three types of papers are solicited for the Minitrack. One type
describes large computations related to computer design and how
a significant increase in computational power would dramatically
enhance the way computers are designed. Also, papers devoted to
improved algorithms will be encouraged provided they are
directed to practical computer design issues. And papers on the
modification of existing algorithms to achieve reasonable speed-
ups on a large number of processors are also solicited. Papers
with a mixture of all three aspects especially encouraged.

Areas of interests include

* Device, Circuit, Logic & Register models of chip function.
* Relations between different modeling levels, mixtures of levels.
* Optimizing the placement of components and routing of wires.
* Testing a final design for correctness.
* Supercomputer computation in the design of commercial systems.

1993 Deadlines
o  Eight copies of the manuscript by June 4
o  Notification of accepted papers by August 31
o  Camera-ready copies of accepted manuscripts due by October 1

The paper should be sent to
                          Ridgway Scott
                    Department of Mathematics
                      UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON
                    Houston, TX   77204--3476

If you intend to submit a paper, or are willing to serve as a

for the Minitrack will be considered for publication in a special
issue of the International Journal of Supercomputer Applications.



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