Is there a version of SEDT for SunOS?

Is there a version of SEDT for SunOS?

Post by Rob Riep » Sun, 05 May 1991 10:21:36

If I'm not crazy, I recently read a post that indicated that Anker Berg-Sonne's
SEDT program is available for Suns.  None of the order forms I have list Sun as
a supported platform.  If you're running SEDT on a Sun, please take a minute to
tell me it really exists.  If you've got a little longer, tell me how you got
it.  Please respond via E-mail.  Me-too's welcome :->



1. Questions about Sedt editor: newer version for VGA, Redo command...

        I'v got recently Sedt editor for MS-DOS from simtel20, this editor is very
fascinating and powerful.

        But this is a version of 1989, I wonder if there is a newer version since
then which supports VGA 50 line mode and XMS.

        I haven't found a Redo function like the "." command in VI, is it possible
with Sedt ?

        When I run Sedt with the 54 mode (132 columns, 43 lines) on my 286 box, my
mouse cursor becomes a cloud of dots over the screen, which moves with the
mouse. It's a mouse driver problem or a video card one ?

        Thanks for any information.

Zixiong WANG

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