vim, keyword completion settable like file completion? (longest prefix)

vim, keyword completion settable like file completion? (longest prefix)

Post by Dorai Sitar » Tue, 20 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Is it possible to get keyword completion that
completes to the longest prefix (as opposed to the
closest full keyword).  I could then add
disambiguating characters to the accumulated
prefix and continue the completion process...



1. Vim; File completion in File->Open

I just got started using Vim - way cool; first editor to draw me away from
plane-jane vi.  I have looked at NEDIT (SGI) and noticed its File->Open
window looks and works somewhat different.

The cool thing about the Nedit file selction is that when I start typing in
the file name, the list automatically scrolls down to the right file (kind
of like ^D using tcsh).

VIM (2 lines, 2 boxes, 3 buttons):
Window name: "Edit File_popup";
it has "Filter" line, "Directories" box, "Files" box, "Selection" line,
buttons: "OK", "Filter", "Cancel"

NEDIT (1 box, 1 line, 4 buttons):
No window name;
it has "File To Edit" box (which includes directories), "Selection" line
(which includes the directory path) and buttons:
OK, Apply, Cancel, Help

Additionally, the nedit GUI has a different "feel" (fonts).  I don't care
about that, but it made me think maybe I compiled VIM with Motif1.2.  I
checked the and it looks like I am using Motif2.1 .

I find Vim to be head and shoulders above nedit, but I'd love to be able to
use its File->Open popup.

Any ideas?

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