Dynamic HTML, On-the-fly pages

Dynamic HTML, On-the-fly pages

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Quote:> I work on a Macintosh and up until now, I have been designing all of my pages
> using Pagespinner. I am finding that the gigantic websites that I've created

I will struggle mightily to (make|keep) this topical on comp.editors.  :)
There really is some vi[m] macro info at the bottom.[0]  

Quote:> The problem is, I have spent hours searching for the applications that would
> most benefit me. I have been looking at Cold Fusion, *studio, Homesite,
> Dreamweaver, and even Interactor, but I don't know whether any of these will
> help me accomplish the goal of creating template-based HTML and graphics on a
> Macintosh (pages are being hosted on a Unix Digital Server). Where do I go
> from here? What all does this kind of shift encompass? New software on the
> server? CGI programming?

I've built template-built www pages (with vi! :) a few different  ways.
Building the whole site in cgi is a bit wasteful (from a webmaster's PoV)
of wwwserver resources, but nifty for pulling in reusable chunks.
It's easier on the server to build each little chunk of the pages and
concatenate them all together into .html whenever something changes.

-=simple example=-
for MYFILE in index contact blah foo bar

        cat header $MYFILE.body footer > $MYFILE.html


This one would go through and build .html files for index, contact,
blah, foo and bar using the common header and footer files and a
discrete file called index.body (etc).

If you deal with this site more than any others, you could define the
commonly used text, filenames, menus, etc, as macros in Your Favorite

-=from a hypothetical .vimrc (should be on one line)=-
map MENU i<p><hr><p><a href=index.html>home</a> |
<a href=contact.html>contact us</a>

In vi[m] this would inject the menu wherever you typed MENU.

Quote:> Anyone know of any really good off-the-shelf solutions for making the
> transition from static website design to dynamic website design?

A starving college student?  :)

[0] Pls check up on this stuff before using these scripts and macros,
as I'm talking off the top of my head, and I'm not really that good at
it anyhow.  

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