A right-click menu extension for gvim

A right-click menu extension for gvim

Post by Thomas K?hl » Sat, 08 Jan 2000 04:00:00

> This package avoids the problem with the right-click extension included
> in the gvim official package.  The official one has some conflicts with
> the MS Offics Toolbar.  This is the motivation for the creating of this
> package.

Ah - is it the solution of a problem that goes with gvim on Win32 for a
while now and nobody knew how to solve it? :)

> I think this package has some usefulness to gvim users.  I hope this
> package can be included with the gvim package.  But I don't know who I
> should contact to do that.  If you have any idea, please drop a line to

subscribe to the vim-dev mailing list and send it there - see
http://www.vim.org on details how to subscribe to the list.

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1. gvim on WinNT, won't maximize on "send to gvim" right-click"

I've put a WinNT shortcut to gvim in my profile's "SendTo" directory.
When I right-click a file name from Windows Explorer, I can send the
file to gvim for editing.  It really does get there.

In the SendTo directory I've altered the properties of the shortcut to
open as Maximized.  When I click on such a shortcut directly (such as
from the Start bar) gvim opens maximized.  But when sending a file to it
gvim (actually, *all* programs have this problem, me thinks) doesn't
open maximized.  Any clues out there?

As a second point, when I open gvim in this manner it displays a status
line and waits for me to respond with a command before displaying the
opened file.  This is mildly annoying.  Is there a 'set' option for
modifying this behavior?


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