memory merge and sql cartesian product

memory merge and sql cartesian product

Post by Lesueur, Jeff, BMG Direct - NY15 » Sat, 05 Aug 2000 04:00:00

thanks for responses, key material was contained in SUGI
articles by Paul Kent (TS-553) and particularly by Paul Dorfman
(P129-25, SUGI 25 Data Warehousing), the latter being exceedingly rich in
technique for managing large file joins, highly recommended reading.
(many thanks, Paul)

- jeff


1. Problem with a Cartesian merge (PROC SQL)

Hi SAS-lers,

I am trying to learn and use PROC SQL more - - this is the code I wrote
this morning...I was trying to get a complete Cartesian merge between
two data sets.

Data_Set1 had 47K records
Data_Set2 had 180K records

The resulting data set only had 50K records - I was expecting
either I still don't understand Cartesian merges, or I wrote the SQL
poorly.  Could anyone let me know where I am messing up????

TIA everyone!



        CREATE table WORK.Merge AS SELECT
                , Data_Set1.eSiteNum
                , Data_Set1.eSiteNam
                , Data_Set1.eInsCo
                , Data_Set2.eMembNam
                , Data_Set2.eMembDOB
                , Data_Set2.eGender
                , Data_Set2.eMemb_SS
                , Data_Set2.MembNum
        FROM WORK.Data_Set1, WORK.Data_Set2
        WHERE Data_Set1.MembNum = Data_Set2.MembNum

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