Best Ways to Learn SAS?

Best Ways to Learn SAS?

Post by Steve Albe » Sun, 28 Jul 2002 00:32:51

Quote:Peter Flom writes:
> Doesn't the "best way to learn SAS" depend on what you
> already know and what you want to learn?

Well said, Peter!  I'd add that there's no "best way" to learn anything, since the best way depends on the individual's learning style as well as previous knowledge and experience.  Some people learn well when concepts are presented abstractly, providing a conceptual framework; others prefer concrete examples and applications at every step.  Some learn well from books, others by studying examples, others from formal classes, and so on.  There's no answer that's "best" for every person and every SAS topic.

An alternative approach would be to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different learning resources, so that someone can better evaluate what's right for him (or her :-).  How interactive is it?  How abstract or concrete?  Are exercises included?  How much help is available?  How suitable for a beginner to SAS and programming, for an experienced non-SAS programmer, or for a SAS programmer picking up new skills or reviewing?  What background is required to use it successfully?  And so on.  A lot of this, though, will be specific to the exact resource used, not the type -- not all books take the same approach, nor do all mentors, etc.

Just my $.02.

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1. Best Ways To Learn SAS?

This is part of the ongoing research I'm calling "10 Things Experienced SAS
Programmers Should Know".  Kevin Delaney replied that ranking "Best Ways To
Learn SAS" would be helpful.  Here are his items.  Please feel free to rank
to **your top 10** of these, assigning a 10 to the most effective and a 1 to
the least effective in your opinion (the rest you can leave unchecked).
From a Mentor
Subscribe to SAS-L
Use SAS Tech Support
The Online Documentation
The SAS System Help
Hard copy of the Manuals
SAS Books By Users
SAS Institute and SAS Alliance Partner Courses
SAS Class Notes (available by taking a SAS institute course, or from SAS
Institute Publishing)
Read Sugi/SUG Papers
Write a paper for a SUG or a SUGI
Present a paper at a SUGI or a SUG/LUG
Attend a SUG(LUG) or a SUGI (try not to drink too much)
Read code written by people you work with
Set up a user group within your workgroup, help other people with coding
Re-read code you have written in the past, try to come up with another way
to accomplish the same task
A desire to learn
Practice(trial and error messages)
Spending time working through examples
Applying code examples presented in papers or on SAS-L to your own work
If you have other methods not covered here, please send them in!
Doug Zirbel

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