SAS Professional from DC Metro Seeks IT Consulting Project - Will Consider Perm: RESUME

SAS Professional from DC Metro Seeks IT Consulting Project - Will Consider Perm: RESUME

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Francis De Costanzo

**Hourly rate for consulting projects are negotiable and based on
formalized Statement of Work-Please call for details

** Geographic: Washington DC, Baltimore MD, Phila PA, NJ, NYC Metro,
** Will Consider Perm or Contract opportunity

410-672-3811    203-377-9532

* Over 20 years of relevant IT experience and demonstrated competency
in developing efficient and effective solutions to address diverse and
complex business opportunities
* Supported full life cycle process, with project management
experience including resource allocation, load leveling, and tool
Broad array of software languages, database tools, and advanced
quantitative methods
* Expert in use of relational database systems and in cross platform
data integration
Implemented solutions across a range of platforms including Windows NT
and 95, RS/6000, AIX, AS/400, OS/390 MVS ESA, and UDB2, DB2
* Design with ERwin, Power Designer, Designer 2000, Rational Rose,
Riverton’s HOW
* ETL experience with Informatica Power Mart, MS SQL Server DTS,
exposure to Data Stage, including product evaluation
* Facilitated application design and data modeling sessions with
departmental users, technical developers and business analyst audience
* Analyzed business process, developed logical and physical models at
enterprise architecture level for IT organizations expanding with
rapid business change
* Worked as a management specialist in telecommunications,
pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and software consulting industries.
Recent projects include providing data analysis support for Call
Center Operations Assessment at VWR Scientific Products, and technical
architect for the CRM Strategy Project at ING

Professional association affiliations include the Oracle Technical
Network, International SAS Users Group and IBM Developer Works.  
Recently completed an IBM International Technical Support Residency in
MQ Series Workflow Manager for z/OS V3R3

Technical Architect Experience
* Lead architect for CRM Strategy at an insurance / financial
management company with over $150 billion in assets under management:
cross-business-unit, cross-platform, cross-functional architecture
* Architect and Programmer for auditing system for major telecom
company involving integration of cross platform systems. Used SAS,
Syncsort, TCP, Power Builder, MS Access)
* Data Architect for major telecom CRM integration project involving
Saville, Vantive, Clarify and others. Used Erwin, Rational Rose
Architect and Programmer for major telecom integration project across
multiple platforms in 5 data centers and involving major systems from
telemarketing, order entry, vendor communications, order fulfillment
and provisioning, and billing. Used DB2, SAS, SQL, ERwin, TCP/IP,
CICS, TSO, ISPF, JES2, MVS ESA Sysplex data sharing
* Architect and Programmer for major consumer products company
planning system and data warehouse. Used SAS Base, SAS/OR, SAS/FSP,
SAS/FSCALC, SAS/ETS, MRP-2, Teradata, MVS/XA, Paradox, TSO, ISPF
Dialog Manager, JES2, TABOL, X/L, Quattro Pro, Dbase
* Data architect expertise with messaging layer architectures
ERP integration, data warehouse design, OLAP development, application
end-to-end design, database tuning, efficient query design, data
modeling, database architecture
* Software testing expertise

MBA, Finance and Management Information Systems, Owen Graduate School
of Management, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 1982

BA, Sociology/Psychology, University of Alabama in Huntsville, AL


eLoyalty  Lake Forest, IL       Technical Architect                              08/00 - 04/01
*Provided technical support including data integrity and analysis for
VWR Call Center Assessment.
*Held lead technical role for  CRM Strategy Project at ING
*Collected and evaluated current state scope, architecture, resources
and toolsets for ongoing IT projects
*Designed functional architecture allowing client to crystallize a
vision for the future while leveraging current investments
Skills used: Power Point, Visio, MS Access, MS Excel.

Prodigy Communications Corp.   White Plains, NY   Senior Technical
Advisor       03/00 - 07/00
Analyzed ETL process for company’s enterprise data warehouse
Designed and developed data mart to support customer relationship
Linked OLAP cube to MS Excel and MS Access
Wrote extensive mainframe programs to document legacy system business
Produced reports to compare raw legacy data to data loaded into data
Worked directly with support personnel at Microsoft to resolve cross
platform Connection problems between MS SQL Server and U/DB2.
Made recommendations to IT management for both the design of the data
warehouse and toolset selection to be used in computing environment
for OLAP.
Skills used: UDB, SAS, MS SQL Server OLAP Tool and MS SQL Server Data
Transformation Services, Syncsort, JCL, TSO, JES2, Power Mart, MS
Access, MS Excel, Windows NT, OS/390, AIX, RS/6000

Walter Reed Army Medical Center   Washington, DC            Project Manager
          06/99 - 11/99
Complete project lifecycle responsibility to deliver new version of
OLTP system used by the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
Wrote Y2K Test Procedures for remediation
Project planning and resource management for a team of 6 professionals
Skills used: Power Builder 6.5, MS/SQL Server 6.5, MS Access, Windows

HUD   Washington, DC                            Team Lead                        02/99 - 06/99
Supervised a team of 12 professionals
Project lifecycle responsibility
Two major applications to support forecasting and budgeting
Results used to generate reports to the Secretary and to Congress
Completely overhauled project planning
Designed and implemented administrative procedures for resource
allocation, Project task order tracking
Introduced UML, including technology selection and staff training.
Heavily involved in moving department to CMM Level 2
Risk management, including communication with customer and ATS
Instituted new procedures to assure that requirements are tracked
through design, development, testing and deployment.
Skills used:  C++, Power Builder 5.x (upgrading to 6.5), MS/SQL Server
7.0, Sybase 11, Sybase IQ, MS Access, HTML, JavaScript, Cold Fusion,
MS Project, Windows NT

Teligent Inc.  Reston, VA               Data Architect                  10/98 - 02/99
Developed a centralized source for customer information, integrating
several COTS, including site acquisition, sales force automation,
order entry, billing, and trouble tickets
On-time delivery of both logical and physical data models
Generated initial database structure for use in application design and
Produced project plan including estimating level of effort, load
Preliminary application design
Skills used: ERwin 3.5.2, MS Project, Rational Rose Windows98,
Saville, Seibel, Vantive, Clarify

Client Engagements  1991 - 1998

Commodity Futures Trading Commission Washington, DC
Team Lead for the reengineering of the Commission's Market
Surveillance System from MVS CA-Datacom legacy environment to client /
server environment
Completely new approach to requirements definition, analysis
Trained staff in use of Object Modeling Technique, including use
cases, business modeling, business rule identification, and
translation of business model into logical and physical design
Skills used: Power Designer, Power Builder 6.0, MS SQL Server 6.5,
SAS, Riverton's HOW 1.2.

CACI, Fairfax, VA
Full life cycle application support for cost recovery system for
Defense Logistics Agency.
Implemented SQL table processing and reporting toolset.  
Implemented project change control mechanism for test and production
level PowerBuilder objects on server platform.
Extensive coding, testing and debugging of database
Developed new PowerBuilder utility to facilitate maintenance and
programming for PowerBuilder Data Windows.
Skills used: Oracle 7, Power Builder 5.0, Designer 2000, Windows 95,
Sybase Server, UNIX, Sun Solaris

MCI Telecommunications, Arlington, VA
Supported data modeling reporting in a financial database environment
Developed reporting solution across customer billing, order entry, and
fulfillment for on-line processing for MCI products including pagers,
cellular phone and calling card services
Assisted management team in formulating requirements definition for
future enhancements to existing application to include Oracle server
processing of mainframe legacy data
Skills used: DB2, CICS, RACF, SAS, SQL, ERwin, TCP/IP, CICS, TSO, JCL,
VSAM, ISPF, JES2, MVS ESA Sysplex data sharing

Eli Lilly, Indianapolis, IN
Supported data warehouse environment in a pharmaceutical clinical
trial setting
Developed production code using extensive SAS Macros for loading data
into DB2 database and to extract data from DB2 into SAS data mart for
use by statisticians in developing reports for submitting to FDA
Responsible for validating code changes to a proprietary product of
Quest Systems, written in MS Access, used for world-wide collection of
clinical trial data.
Wrote validation plans and performed peer reviews for production code
Skills used: Quest, SAS, SAS Macros, DB2, MS Access, TCP/IP, FTP, JCL,

MCI Telecommunications, Atlanta, GA
Supported a reengineering application development project for
corporate sales contest management system.
Developed customer service auditing system
Performed data reduction from three MVS host based data collection
production systems
Skills used: SAS, SAS/AF, SQL, Syncsort, VSAM, CICS, DB2, JCL, TSO,
JES2, MS Access, PowerBuilder, MVS ESA

Maybelline, Memphis, TN         Manager, Distribution Development    
1982 to 1990
Extensive use of TERADATA processing platform and MVS/XA  
Designed and implemented Distribution Simulation and Management
System.  Management assumptions entered into Paradox-based database on
PC, then uploaded to TERADATA to generate database.  Database included
summaries to logical breaks for drill-down analysis.  System linked
TERADATA to SAS and PC-based PARADOX for distributed reporting
purposes. System used to manage distribution and retail display of
products in 27,000 retail outlets for 589 product line items.
Annual savings realized of over $14M for one fiscal reporting year  
Distribution management support included development of a retail mix
optimization model using SAS/OR, SAS/FSP, and SAS/FSCALC.  This
modeling toolset used ISPF Dialog Manager and SAS Macros to generate
constrained optimization equations in SAS/OR.
Integrated product shipments, order entry, cost accounting, MRP-2 and
planning data for the first time in Maybelline history
Teradata, MVS/XA, Paradox, TSO, ISPF Dialog Manager, JCL, JES2, TABOL,
X/L, Quattro Pro, Dbase, Harvard Graphics

Aladdin Industries, Nashville, TN                           Business
Analyst             1981 to 1982
Wrote Three-Year Strategic Plan for Energy Business Unit.
Developed Marketing Information System
Contracted survey services and performed data analysis
Recommended order quantity for purchasing over $40M inventory
First year of plan resulted in 74% increase in sales, same year market
leader (Kero Sun) filed for bankruptcy.


DB2     UDB2    PL/SQL  ORACLE 7.3      SQL     TSO    MS SQL Server
SYBASE Server   NOMAD   MQ Series Workflow Manager v3r3
TABOL   X/L     DBASE   MS Access       Paradox OS390 MVS
SAS/Basic       SAS/FSP SAS/EIS SAS/Graph       SAS/ETS
ERwin 3.5.2     Power Designer  Riverton HOW    Rational Rose   Designer 2000
Informatica     Power Mart      Data Stage      MS SQL Server DTS      
Windows 3.1     DOS 6.2 OS/2    AIX     UNIX    ETL     OLAP
IBM 3090        IBM 9021        AS/400  Sun Solaris     Teradata
Windows95       Windows NT 4    MS Exchange     CICS    MVS/ESA 5.2
TSO/ISPF        SyncSort        JCL     JES2    VSAM    RS6000
TCP/IP  FTP     OS/390  CICS    RACF    ACF2    DFHSM   QMF
PowerBuilder    z/OS    SPUFI   ISPF    IDCAMS  FileAid        
Visual Basic    SyncSort        SAS6.08 Netscape        Internet Explorer
APL             MS BackOffice   MS Word 6.0     MS Excel 5.0    3270 Emulator
Lotus           Corel/DRAW!     PowerPoint      Informix
Microsoft Project       MicroStrategy DSS       Loyalty Suite


1. LONDON - Global CORBA Project - Top O-O Project in London - Perm or Contract

My Investment Banking client has a documented history of large scale
investment in state-of-the-art IT development projects, and was one of
the first to realise that  IT gives a competitive edge on the trading

To keep ahead of it's competitors, my client is currently seeking
several developers and architects with a strong O-O background to form
a new team that will act as a central internal 'object specialists'
group. You will be tasked with designing and developing a new O-O
infrastructure that will be rolled-out across Derivatives and Fixed
Income groups globally.

Based in London, at the banks global development center, you will work
directly with  front office users to design and develop a new n-tiered
environment for the front and middle office.

Candidates must have a strong (2+ years) development background using
C++ and/or Java. Your development knowledge must also include solid
exposure to a well known CORBA ORB (Orbix, Visigenics, Neo/JOE, etc..)
Knowledge of other tools such as OMT, Marimba, DCOM, MarketData, IIOP,
and RogueWave would be a plus.

Also trade your RDBMS knowledge for OODBMS skills.

These positions report directly to the business unit and are not part
of the firms IT organization. You will have a direct impact on the
traders business and will be compensated on your contributions

Permanant or Contract

My client offers a starting salary in the range of (UK) 50k to 70k
base plus an excellent bonus ( you can expect 35-50% or more), full
BB's, travel allowance,  and many other perks too numerous to list. Or
great contract rates.

If you want to get involved with one of the hottest projects in 'The
City" today, don't hesitate to send me your details or contact me:

Brian Mitchell
Senior Technical Recruiter
DTG-UK Ltd/Datacom Technology Group Inc
0171-375-2060 (24 hour fax)

Datacom Technology has been recruiting in the New York & London
financial markets for 25 years.

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