Solitaire addict

Solitaire addict

Post by Harold Coulomb » Wed, 25 Apr 2001 09:23:31

Hi, I need help to kill (at least restraint) my *ion to the stupid
Solitaire card game.  I did manage well for a while by simply erasing the
sol.exe file, but I recently discovered hat SAS has a solitaire game as
well!  I am using version 6.12 on Windows and I would like to know which
files I have to delete to help me going on with my real work...

Thanks in advance



1. Fastest VLB video card for Solitaire

I am currently using an ATI GUP in 8 bit colour on a DX4/100 486 VL system.
NXBench2.0 is around 1.1 or so. I have one goal left for the system. I
want to run Solitaire ( the one by Blake Stone et al) in a relaxing way.
It's so close now (it was not reasonable with a DX2/66) in that I only have
to use a bit of energy in dragging the cards. Is there a video card on
earth (not PCI) that will run faster than the ATI one under 3.3 , and fast
enough to run Solitaire in a seamless fashion? I do realize that upgrading
to a P90/100/120 with a #9 card would do it, but surely Solitaire doesn't
require miracles to work.

Any information would be appreciated.

Philip McDunnough                    OR     P. McDunnough (U of Toronto-stats)

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