Fun with Data Step

Fun with Data Step

Post by Mark Terjes » Sun, 22 Dec 2002 04:07:58

Hello All,

Yes, this is a repeat performance,
but a little fun shouldn't hurt.  :o)

options nosource nonotes;
data _null_;
    sss = 'Happy Thanksgiving';
    put ///////////////////sss;
    x = input(substr(left(put(rank(substr(sss,1,1)),3.)),1,1),1.);
    c = rank(substr(sss,x,1));
    substr(sss,1,1) = byte(c-x);
    y = brshift(rank(substr(sss,6,1)),04x);
    w = band(bxor(rank('~')+y,06x),y)+y;
    z = gamma(y);
    substr(sss,blshift(y,z),z) = byte(rank(substr(sss,y+z,z))+y);
    substr(sss,y+z,z) = substr(sss,w,z);
    substr(sss,w+x,y) = collate(blshift(x,w)+x-w,,y);
    substr(sss,x,z) = collate(blshift(y,x-y)+y+z,,z);
    substr(sss,gamma(w)+x) = compress(translate(lowcase(substr(sss,z,
                             x+blshift(y,1))),'  at','race'),' nhy');
    substr(sss,y,z) = lowcase(put(var(x,x*y-z,y,z),hex1.));
    substr(sss,x+y,y) = byte(int(css(x*x/y+x-y,x*x*x/y/y/x)

    put sss;
options source notes;

Happy Holidays,
Mark Terjeson
Northwest Crime and Social Research, Inc.
A SAS Alliance Partner
215 Legion Way SW
Olympia, WA   98501
360.870.2581 - voice,cell
360.570.7533 - fax


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