Windows 2000 Problem (previously incorrectly posted as XP problem)

Windows 2000 Problem (previously incorrectly posted as XP problem)

Post by Arthur Tabachnec » Thu, 29 Aug 2002 20:48:48

Yesterday, I asked for help concerning a problem I have recently
encountered, unfortunately incorrectly identifying the operating system.  My
appologies to Bill G. for incorrectly questioning XP (mia culpua, mia culpa,
mia culpa).

I recently acquired a new computer loaded with Windows 2000.  All of my
other machines use Windows NT.

SAS is configured the same on every machine.  One of the main programs run
on the 2000 machine is driven by a SAS AF routine that has always worked
perfectly on the NT machines.

However, on the new machine, SAS bombs out (literally disappears from the
screen and leaves no trace of having run) if the machine is simultaneously
used for anything web related (e.g., outlook, internet explorer, etc.)

I did a google search for previous posts on the topic, and have found some
things to try, but none that appear to describe this particular situation.
Anyone else have a similar experience and, even better, discovered how to
correct the situation?

By the way, I did get one response to my previous post (thanks Doug), but it
was letting me know how well XP has been working.  Yes, Doug, I definitely
did make note of that.



1. Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98 Networking Problems on laptop

To sumarize what the probelem is:  I have just added a laptop that
used to un windows 98 and was fine, now runs windows 2000 and refuses
to see anyone except itself on the network.  The workgroup names all
that stuff has been double and triple checked many times.

Here is the detailed probelm:  I have 5 computers, 3 downstairs, and 2
upstairs (one of those 2 is the laptop).  The 3 downstairs are
connected to the linksys 8 port switch / router.  Then upstairs we
have a 6 port netgear hub connected to the switch downstairs.  We also
share a DSL connection this way.  All 3 downstairs run Windows 98
fine, and the desktop upstairs runs Winsows XP Pro, the laptop used to
run Windows 98 fine, it comunicated wiht everyone and shared
everything.  Now that it has Windows 2000, it does not.  Using some
diagnostics in the router, we figured out that the laptop got an IP
adress.  But it does not allow to be pinged (it does not respond to
the pings)  From reading other groups here, i have figured out that
the cause of many peoples troubles are caused by security
restrictions, restricting the computer from talking to there
computers.  Is this the case wiht me and how can i fix it?  If not,
what is the problem?

The other 4 computers talk to eachother fine, and have not been
affected by this in any way, they have always been using tcp and dhcp
and have been working fine, and still do, its the laptop that i cannot
get to work wiht them now.

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