VB/DCOM example to control SAS on remote server?

VB/DCOM example to control SAS on remote server?

Post by Sterling Pri » Thu, 17 Jan 2002 01:49:47

I've been going through the documentation at the Integration Technologies
community on the SAS web site, but the only examples I've found use COM to
control SAS on a local workstation rather than DCOM on a remote server.

Would anyone happen to have some example code that uses VB (or VBA) on a
client *without SAS installed* to control SAS via DCOM on a remote server?

Any pointers to papers, books, tutorials, or anything else on setting
up/using Integration Technologies would also be much appreciated.  I'm
having a lot of trouble getting this set up, and as far as I can tell the
official documentation is pretty sparse.


Sterling Price

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VB/DCOM example to control SAS on remote server?

Post by Charles Patrid » Thu, 17 Jan 2002 02:25:15

Hi Sterling,

We are trying to do the same thing here.  Our Lan administrator is trying
to get it to work on our Alpha OpenVMS server.

I think he is also looking into packaging our SAS jobs/commands into a DCOM
package to be executed by the remote SAS machine but do not have much on
this currently.

Hopefully, we will have it working very soon.

If you find anything, please forward a copy to me - much appreciated.

We are able to execute SAS (on a remote) from a non-SAS client using the NT
WINDOWS command "rshell", or "rexe", and another one (forgot it right now)
but our LAN administrator does not like its lack of security features.

Anything to avoid using IOM where possible.

We are able to execute SAS remotely using IOM and VBA but you need to know
VBA pretty well to get it to all work.  At this time, we are still working
out "snags" in doing this way for all of our customers - problems with IE
and/or Netscape have cropped up.

Charles Patridge
The Hartford