memory map for als cp/m card

memory map for als cp/m card

Post by Paul Hamersl » Tue, 15 Jun 1993 23:12:58

   I have a cp/m plus system (als/dri "the cp/m card") running on
a apple ][+.  I need to get to the serial card in order to send
a break to the remote host.  Does anyone have the memory map
for the als cp/m card?  I have the user's guide that shows
the allocation of memory in general terms, but it is not
quite specific enough.  The hardware control registers for the
80col card should be in bank 0 at 0x7fb, but seem to be
remapped elsewhere.  Alternatively, can some kind soul
enlighten me as to any cp/m plus bdos calls that allow one
to perform tasks in alternate memory banks?  I have abundant
docs for assembly programming with cp/m, but no info on
what, if any, extensions were provided in cp/m plus.
   I would be extremely interested in purchasing a programming
guide for the als cp/m card (this was available at extra cost along with
a set of programming tools disks from als) or generic cp/m plus
programming guide
(something that does more than "gloss over" the new features of cp/m
plus).  Many thanks for any help.

i remain, your most obdnt servant, paul hamersley


1. ALS "The CP/M Card"

In my quest to learn about as many different Apple-hosted CP/M
systems as I can, I recently purchased an Advanced Logic Systems
(ALS) "The CP/M Card" from a fellow via 'comp.sys.apple2.marketplace'.

The seller says that he tested it in his Apple IIgs the day he
shipped it to me and it worked just fine.  (He knew that it
should't have worked in a IIgs, but apparently it did.)

I have been unable to get the card to start up in any of my Apple ][
machines (A 64K Apple ][+, a Franklin ACE 1000, or my enhanced
Apple //e).

Usually the card starts to run but then just puts some garbage on
the screen until it hangs someplace.  Sometimes it gets as far as
activating my 80-column card (with or without garbage).  Sometimes,
the software can't even find the card at all.

Specifically the card says:

     als (logo)  DIGITAL RESEARCH
              Advanced Logic Systems   [across front edge of board]

     The CP/M CARD ^tm     REV B      [along bottom edge under DRAM]

     (c) 1983 ALS  005138     [on circuit side, 005138 in felt-tip]

Although Apple-CP/M'ers seem to be few and far between, I'd appreciate
any feedback from anyone who's ever used an ALS "The CP/M Card" to help
me locate the trouble and solve it, if possible.  I'm also missing disk
#4 of the distribution set.  I would appreciate a copy of your disk #4
in any event.

For those who are unfamiliar with the ALS "The CP/M Card".  It is
a coprocessor card co-developed with DRI which runs CP/M Plus
(v3.01b) on Apple ][-series machines.  It carries 64K on the card
for transient programs (and minimal OS) use while the OS resides
mostly in the Apple's main memory and the Z80 is free to execute
code from either bank, just as if it were a native two-bank CP/M
Plus machine.  Either the Apple's 6502 CPU or the Z80 may do I/O
through the Apple's I/O ports and the Z80 may load 6502 subroutines
and pass control to the 6502 for execution.

Thanks for listening.

John D. Baker ->A TransWarp'802'd Apple //e CardZ180 Z-System nut //

BBS:  JOHN BAKER on PIC of the Mid-Town [(713) 961-5817] 1:106/31,
Z-Node #45 [(713) 937-8886], The Vector Board [(716) 544-1863]

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