40 MB on a 40 MB on ST250R??

40 MB on a 40 MB on ST250R??

Post by levin.. » Mon, 21 Feb 1994 01:38:11

Some of you may have seen my resenc posting about the Segate 250R drive I
acquired.  I have obtained the geometry from alot of users.  I wanted to say
thanks to all whom responded.

I can format the drive with 667 tracks, and 32 spt, however I only get 20MB.  I
know OS9 only uses 256 bytes per sector.  What do I need to do (with OS9
L2/M6809) with the device descriptors to get all 40 MB out of it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Please respond privately

Eric Levinson, CS Major, Senior, Sonoma State University

BBS: Color Galaxy Milky Way +1 415 883-0696 (RCISNET.ORG)


1. MB 8433/40 --- OS/2 Install Problems


I've been using OS/2 for some time now and I got a friend of mine (who finally
bought a computer capable of running OS/2) to installing OS/2 (at least,
trying to install). But I ran into a problem.

When booting from the CD-ROM install disks, after "Loading..." shows up the
system gives the following message:

" OS/2 is unable to operate your hard disk or diskette drive. The system is
  stopped. Correct the preceeding error and restart the system."

His system is:

  - MB 8433/40 UUC-A version 3.1 (PCI motherboard, without CMD640/RZ1000 !)
  - AMD DX4-100  
  - WD 750MB Hard disk (on IDE 0)
  - Conner 120MB Hard disk (on IDE 1)

I tried the following to fix the problem:

  - copy 'ibms506.add' from the APAR fix file 'pj19409.zip' to the install disk
    --> same message
  - use the driver (rem out 'ibm1s506.add' and add the new one) provided with
    the motherboard ('umc1s506.add') --> same message
  - tried the above, but this time with the Conner removed (from BIOS and
    physically) --> same message
  - tried the above, after changing some BIOS settings

Can it have anything to do with BIOS-settings ???

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Guy Kapteijns
The Netherlands

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