Historic Commodore 2001

1. IBM OS/2 accomplishments in 2001

At the beginning of the year, IBM provided a "Statment of Intent" that
listed four features they intended to deliver in 2001 for OS/2, TCP/IP
v4.3.1, a new web browser based on Mozilla, a new primary logon client,
and a new http server.  They have delivered *all* of these in 2001.  The
IBM statement did not say, however, that these four "features" were to
be the *only* features provided, nor have they been.  IBM has provided
other features for Software Choice customers in 2001.  For starters,
they released an much-improved update in August of the IWB they first
released in March. They released the newest version of the SDD/se
display drivers in November.  They released a refresh of Java 2 in
September that included a java 2 plugin for using it with the IBM Web
Browser.  They also released an update to Java 1.1.8.  One of the more
interesting things that IBM did in fixpack 1 for Warp 4.51 was the
creation of PSDs or "platform specific drivers" to provide a hardware
abstraction layer which will have interesting uses in the future.  That
fixpack also provided a change in the printer installation process and
euro support for Win-OS2.  IBM released a number of significant hardware
drivers in 2001 for SWC customers including improved USB drivers for a
larger variety of devices that worked on a much wider variety of USB

Even for non-SWC customers, IBM has continued to release updated kernels
and OS/2 builds of the Mozilla browser in 2001.  IBM also released
fixpack 15 for Warp 4 in 2001 as well as an update to Netscape v4.61.
IBM released a number of free device drivers for OS/2 including many new
color inkjet printer drivers (Epson and Canon) as well as com and
printer port PCI drivers that allowed sharing of IRQs.  IBM even
released a 16-port version of the com.sys driver (important for SCADA

As a Software Choice customer, I have been extremely pleased with the
job that IBM has done in 2001, and in what I have received.  The IBM
OS/2 people can look back at a year of accomplishment in which they
continued to provide outstanding support for continued use of OS/2 in
the face of many difficulties.

Posted with OS/2 Warp 4.51
and IBM Web Browser

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