looking for info on GCC cross compiler to os9/68040

looking for info on GCC cross compiler to os9/68040

Post by Jerome Poinchev » Sat, 03 May 1997 04:00:00


we'd like to setup gcc on an alpha station running
digital unix to compile stuff for our os9/68040.

I've been looking for documentation for a few hours,
but still can't figure out what the version to use is.

does anybody know of a document summing up the software
to use and the steps to follow ?




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Is there anywhere a CrossCompiler for os9. My host is a NetBSD('386)
machine and I want to build files with os9 header (SystmFlag set).

Or is there, next to a functional 'gcc-68k-os9' a program to add a
header to a 'data'-file?

And if that all is not possible: is  there a program like'diskedit' for
a [Net|Free]BSD system?

BTW: the binutils-2.4 say something about i386-os9...; is it possible
to build a cross compiler with this stuff? Or isit yust for the os9000

My problem is,  that my booter need a os9/689k module to boot from.


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