INFO-CPM Digest V88 #243

INFO-CPM Digest V88 #243

Post by SAC.CCSO-.. » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 05:19:00

I pick up the INFO-CPM digest on "rebroadcast" to my home node
(ISIE-EDU).  I',m wondering how I can participate in the
discussions I see in condesed form in the digests.  Do I have to
submit through you to disseminate my questions and comments, or
can I NETMAIL directly to some conference addressee?  Or does my
office have to come up with $2000 per fiscal year to "Join"
y'all??  (I've FTP CONnected to your node a few times
ANONYMOUSly, and read your "membership" policy.  No objections,
except of course that I don't make the money decisions around
here.)  Thanx for your interest.  >JS<

INFO-CPM Digest V88 #243

Post by RSSM.. » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 23:08:00


Please remove my name for the INFO-CPM Digest List.  I will be goingto
Australia on sabbatical and will not return until July, 1989.  Thank you for
your cooperation


Robert S. Smith