CP/M - Z80 emul{ator for 3B1 or 3B2

CP/M - Z80 emul{ator for 3B1 or 3B2

Post by Peter J. Holsbe » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 20:40:00

Strange as it may seem, I'm looking for an emulator for a Z80 CP/M system
that will run on either a 3B1 or a 3B2.  It should mimic CP/M and permit
CP/M COM files to run.  

Does anyone know of such a beast?  Thanks.

Peter Holsberg, Technology Div, Mercer College, TTN, NJ
           Jr. College Soccer Champs, 1987


1. CP/M emulator for 3B1 or 3B2 Wanted

I'm looking for a CP/M emulator to run on a 3B1 (680x0) or a 3B2/400
computer system.   Any leads will be greatfully acknowledged.  Thanks.
Peter Holsberg                          UUCP: {rutgers!}princeton!mccc!pjh
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Mercer College                          GEnie: PJHOLSBERG
Trenton, NJ 08690                       Voice: 1-609-586-4800

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