INFO-CPM Digest V88 #280

INFO-CPM Digest V88 #280

Post by Lewal.. » Mon, 03 Dec 1990 00:31:00

REf:  PRofiles being sold.
   It is truly discouraging for a CPM user to see the last vestiges of
information disappearing.  There are two suggestions I have for Rhonda.
First, subscribe to the Computer Journal, PO Box 1697, Kalispell, MT
59903.  Subscription price is $16/yr for bimonthly issues.  The second
is to call what is commonly refered to as a Z-node.  The one I would
suggeest is run by a guy Named Jay Sage.  (617-965-7259) This will put
you in touch with the only major programming/informational activity in
the CPM world (I think).  The folks involved with the Z-nodes have
developed a new Command Processor and disk operating system which gives
tremendous capabilities to a standard CPM machine.  Even if you are an
appliance user (not interested in programming, etc), this modification
to your operating system can make your work significantly more enjoyable
and productive.  The BBS will also provide you with the information (and
more) that you used to get from Profiles.  The Computer Journal will
give you information on CPM systems as well as updates on what is
happening in the ZCPR world through outstanding articles written bye Jay
Sage.  I wish you the best, and don't give up ship.

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I would love to see the follwing PD packages (at least Publically
Distributable, if not Public Domain):

Small-C 8080 and/or Z80 version
Small-Mac (both)

with all their on disk documentation.

I want to work on a compiler package for a class we have here using
the Motorola 68HC11 with the Buffalo (TM) monitor.

I think these would be a great base to work from.

Philip Dye

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