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I am interested in getting the full version of Speedisk, but the
contact information in the demo program seems to be out of date.
Is the program commercially available somewhere?

Ken Peters


1. Norton Speedisk & OS/2???

Hi all.

I've been wondering.  I keep getting conflicting reports about using disk
defragmentation programs with OS/2.  Some people say that programs such
as Norton Speedisk and the like are unsafe and should not be used since
they tend to scramble the EAs.  But others say that they use Speedisk all
the time.  What is the final word on this???  Are the newer versions of
Norton Speedisk OS/2 aware?

I have Norton Utilities v7.0 and I'm running OS/2 for Windoze on a FAT
partition (yeah, yeah, I should switch to HPFS...)


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