Ontario, Canada Consultants?

Ontario, Canada Consultants?

Post by Lee Rag » Thu, 24 Oct 1996 04:00:00

If you are an OS9 or RTOS consultant/programmer in the Ontario, Canada
area looking for a long term assignment/position, please forward your

with the possibility of employment with the client customer.

Lee Raguz



1. Need Name of Mail Order Company in Ontario,Canada.

Hi all.

A while back(about a month ago), during the major discussion of the
Describe Voyager CD offer, someone posted the name and contact information
for an OS/2 mail-order company in Ontario(it was probably in Toronto but
I can't even remember that.) I wrote the information down but I seem to
have lost it.

I was wondering if anyone knows the company I'm alluding to here, if so
could you email me with the info. Even just a company name would be fine
as I could probably find the phone number through directory assistance.

Actually if anyone knows of any OS/2 mail-order companies in Canada I
would love to here about them. Christmas is coming real fast and I want
to see if anyone in Canada will be shipping Galciv 2.0 when it's released.

I tried Indelible Blue through the States but their shipping charges to my
location are exhorbitant.

Anyway I know my description is rather vague but any help with this is
greatly appreciated.

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