CP/M Gold Card and StarLink CP/M Card for Apple

CP/M Gold Card and StarLink CP/M Card for Apple

Post by Norman M. Alco » Mon, 04 Mar 2002 11:41:04

I have the following products (in unopened, shrunk wrapped boxes) for
I am asking $50.00 each plush shipping of about $30.00 each.

Norm Alcott

StarLink: I have one unopened package of StarLink.
Information from the package:
" Introducing StarLink the computer expansion system.  The system lets
you link four "dumb" terminals or microcomputers to a single IBM
Personal Computer, and function as if it's the only terminal connected
to the computer."
-       Four operating ports
-       Onboard 8088 Microprocessor and 64K RAM
-       Concurrent PC=DOS
-       Shared Data Files
-       Intersystems Communications

CP/M Gold Card: I have one unopened package of the Gold Card.
Information from the package:
"The CP/M Gold Card provides the option of running the Apple II, II
Plus and IIe with the speed and capability of a more powerful system
due to the high-performance, 6Mhz Z-80B microprocessor.   At the same
time, it gives you instant access to thousands of CP/M compatible
applications, languages and programming utilities, in addition to
standard Apple Software."
-       The Z-80 Microprocessor with 64K RAM
-       CP/M Plus Operating System
-       CBASIC Language
-       80-Column Display
-       6Mhz CPU
-       Menu Driven Utilities
-       Documentation
-       Hashed Directory Search
-       Compatible with any slot


1. Where you can put your CP/M cards in an Apple ][

        CP/M follows the usual Apple card protocol, so you can stick it
        anyplace but slot 3.  If you stick in #2, then you may not be able
        to use modem, though, i.e. by "usual protocol" I meant:

        Slot    0:      RAM/ROM card
                1:      printer
                2:      modem
                3:      console/video
                4:      disk controller #3
                5:      disk controller #2
                6:      disk controller #1      
                7:      hard disk

        Sorry, I don't have a uSoft CP/M card...


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