FS: Osborne-1

FS: Osborne-1

Post by Walt Novinge » Tue, 22 Jan 2002 22:30:27

Please forgive me if FS posts aren't appreciated in this NG...I couldn't
find a more appropriate place to post. I bought
this new in 1982 (still has the original dealer's sticker on the back). It
is the (originally) blue case model...has darkened to "beige" as is typical.
I have the original OS and program diskettes (5.25"!) and a copy of the
manual in PDF format.

The computer is working, but booting is erratic...I believe the A drive
needs work/replacement. Perhaps someone more clever than I can swap the A
and B drives.

The unit has the original external monitor adapter which allows the use of
external monitor via a front-panel RCA jack. This was the height of cool in
it's day :)

Asking $100 obo. Please call 919.846.6117 to discuss. Digital pix available
upon request.

Walt Novinger
Raleigh, NC


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