Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson

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Does anyone know the email address (if any) for Matthew Thompson?  In case
you may ask, 'who is he?', he is the author of lzh (LHArc for OS-9/6809)
V 1.0 .

In case Matthew sees this, I wanted to ask a few questions about lzh.  First
let me thank you for lzh.  It is the nicest archiver I've seen yet for OS-9

Now the questions.  I noticed in the docs that it is possible to archive a
directory (0 length, just the dir name and attrs), yet there was no
example of how to do this, orexplanation of why someone would want to do
this.  Would you elaborate?


Matthew Thompson

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>Does anyone know the email address (if any) for Matthew Thompson?


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1. John W. Thompson promoted ?

It seems JWT has been promoted (?) out of PSP .
I wonder if this is deemed good or bad for OS/2?

From Reuter's:

         NEW YORK (Reuter) - International Business Machines Corp.  
said Friday it was reorganizing its global sales and services
businesses under a single brand, IBM Global Services.
         IBM's services business has operated under various names  
outside the United States and the move should help clarify the
IBM brand as well as boost efficiency, the company said.
         The Armonk, N.Y.-based computer giant also named Lucio  
Stanca, general manager, global marketing operations.
         Stanca, who has headed IBM operations in Europe, the Middle  
East and Africa since the autumn of 1994, will continue as
chairman of that operation, based in Paris. In his new role, he
will head a new direct-marketing effort around the world using
the new structure and single brand name.
         Previously, IBM's direct marketing efforts have been in  
various regions without a consistent focus, analysts said.  The
efforts include direct mail, telemarketing and electronic
marketing via the Internet in 159 countries.
         Succeeding Stanca as general manager of Europe, Middle East  
and Africa is William Etherington, who was general manager of
IBM Industries, which manages 11 industry-specific business
         The industry units will now be managed by David Thomas, who  
was general manager, IBM North America. In his new role, Thomas
will be responsible for IBM's industry-specific strategies and
         He will be succeeded in North America by John Thompson, who  
had been general manager of IBM's personal software products
including the beleaguered operating system OS/2. No successor
was named.
         An IBM spokesman said a replacement will be named for  
         ``Some people are saying, what does this mean for OS/2?''  
said the IBM spokesman. ``It means no change whatsoever in
strategy. We have not selected anyone yet.''
         While the OS/2 software has made inroads with about 13  
million users, according to IBM, it is still a small share of
the world personal computer market, dominated by Microsoft
Corp.'s Windows operating system.
         IBM stock rose $1.875 to $153.50 on the New York Stock  
Exchange in late trading after falling on profit-taking in
recent sessions.

James Schmidt

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