INFO-CPM Digest V88 #268

INFO-CPM Digest V88 #268

Post by George_C._Burkitt.ElSegund » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 19:22:00

>Date: 3 Dec 88 02:02:50 GMT

>Subject: Disk Controllers, Info on
>Are there any push-n-play st506/412 interfaces made for cp/m boxes?

Some years ago I (my employer) bought several SCSI adapters for the Ampro
Little Board, a CPM single board computer.  (They plug in between the Z80A
and its socket).   Now Ampro supplies them, too.  The Ampro  Identification
is SCSI/PLUS Z80 ADAPTER: Model 1AX,  cost was $109.00.  I don't know if
that includes software.  

I bought mine (before Ampro Introduced theirs) from Media Distributing,
made by NeuRahn, Inc.  The price was about the same,  included software.

Don't know if it is still available;    Media:   (800)824-7385,
                                        NeuRahn:  Scotts Valley, CA