BD Systems C compiler

BD Systems C compiler

Post by Falc » Tue, 26 Jun 1990 07:59:30

...Does anybody know where I could upgrade BDS-C 1.31 to whatever the newest
revision is?  I've ftp'd everything out of the BDS-C directories and while it
appears to contain lots of revisions to the libraries and things, I havn't been
able to compile much of anything due to the very old and bug-laden version of
the compiler that I have...  Does anybody know where I can upgrade the actual
executable compiler (CC.COM and CC2.COM) to version 1.51 or whatever the newest
version is, and how much it's going to cost me?  Tnx...

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1. BD Software C Compiler Files

Hi friends of CP/M !

I am looking for some files of the BD Software C-Compiler, because a friend
of mine has a defective version of these files.

If you still have got this Compiler or a hint where to find them, so please
E-Mail me !
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