HELP Quickcam

HELP Quickcam

Post by Mike Murph » Thu, 12 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Lost install disks for Connectix Color Quickcam
Anyone have install disks?


1. Can anyone help with using the QuickCam QCSDK


Seeing someones problem in getting the Logitechs
QCSDK samples to "see" the camera made me decide
to try again to see if any VC++ expert might help
me with my own efforts.

I have had no problems using the QCSDK with
WindowsME although I had to modify the source
code to compile programs with VC 5 which I
bought back in '97 but never really used.

It was Paul Oh's TRIPOD program that motivated
me to give it a go at interfacing my C routines
with VC++ shell. The problem with MFC based VC++
programs is they are generated via a Wizard
and thus the source code does not contain the
information required to generate them in the
first place. Makes it hard for a C programmer
to reverse engineer the source code.

I am using a Logitech quickcam to try out some
visual processing ideas because it is cheap and
available. I have no practical reason to become
a VC++ expert except to use the QCSDK. I can
program in BASIC, Assembler and C. I also have
a fairly good idea of the basics of objects in
C++ but not on how it is used in MFC and windows.

Maybe someone reading this is using the QCSDK in
their robot project and might help a C programmer
to do likewise?

The books I have on VC++ are not clear enough
on how to use bitmap objects.

Although the VC++ books have source code to load
bitmaps from the hard drive and BLIT the result
to the screen they don't cover doing likewise
from a bitmap stored in memory.

Below is the method I have been using which is
very fast in my DJGPP programs but slow in VC++.
Unfortunately I can't interface the quickcam
to my DJGPP programs.

 pBuffer is a pointer to the memory where the
bitmapped is saved when grabbed via an QCSDK
method PictureToMemory()

CClientDC dc(this);

i = 54;  // skip to pixel data found by trial
         // and error

for (y=239;y>0;y--)
  for (x=0;x<320;x++)
    r = pBuffer[i];      // red pixel data
    g = pBuffer[i+1];    // green pixel data
    b = pBuffer[i+2];    // blue pixel data

    i = i + 3;           // skip 3 bytes

    dc.SetPixel(x + 340,y,RGB(b, g, r));


I can email the complete source code to anyone
who is able and willing to help.

John C.

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