DDS4 Drive can't read DDS3 tapes.

DDS4 Drive can't read DDS3 tapes.

Post by backu » Fri, 01 Aug 2003 05:58:58

SONY TSL-S11000 external tape drive can not read a simple tar file
from a DDS3 tape.
It can only read it if "tar" command included the "-b 1" option to
write the file to the DDS3 tape.

tar -b 1 cvf /dev/rmt/1 file

Then it can rea it:
tar -tvf /dev/rmt/0 file

But, amanda doesn't use the "-b 1" option when writing backups.

Besides the SONY DDS4 tape drive should be DDS3 compatible.

Any suggestions?



1. Problems using DDS3 tapes in HP tape drive

Problems using tape dive in Linux:

I have a problem using DDS3 tapes in my tape drive. It is an HP SCSI
SureStore 24 internal tape drive, with support for DDS2 and DDS3
DDS2 tapes are working fine, no errors. But when I insert a DDS3 tape
and try to backup/restore/erase something, the following error occures
in my /var/log/syslog:
May  4 13:09:23 gateway kernel: st0: Error with sense data: Deferred
st09:00: sense key Medium Error
May  4 13:09:23 gateway kernel: Additional sense indicates Sequential
positioning error
May  4 13:09:23 gateway kernel: st0: Error on write filemark.

It does not matter what kind of tape software I use
(taper/kbackup/tar/dd), this error shows up every time.
Some solutions from mailinglists on the internet suggests to set the
blocksize of the tape to 0 (variable), others tell to set it at a
fixed value of 10, 28 or 32Kb, but what value I try, none of them
Cleaning the heads of the tape drive with a special cleaning tape
doesn't matter too... What I find so strange about it, is that when I
switch back to DDS2 tapes, everything is woring fine again...

Does one of you have any idea ...?   HP itself does not have a great
linux support.

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