SCSI Formating Error

SCSI Formating Error

Post by jerem » Fri, 10 Apr 1998 04:00:00

When I try to low-level format my Iomega Jazz disk I get a error after about
30 minutes which says:
"Unexpected SCSI Command Failure
SCSI CDB Sent: 03 00 00 00 0E 00
Host Adapter Status: 00h - No host adapter error
Target Status: 02h - Check condition
Sense Key: 03h - Medium error
+Sense Code: 31h
+Sense Code Qualifier: 83h"
Can anyone tell me what exactly this error means... and what can I do about
it?  Once the error happens if I start FDisk it says it cannot write to
drive and closes down.


1. Adaptec SCSI 1522 SCSI host adapterm NEC SCSI external 6x CD_ROM


I am trying to install NEXTSTEP 3.2 on a gw2000 pentium 60 with 40MB
of RAM, EIDE HD, Adaptec SCSI host adapter 1522, NEC SCSI external 6x
cd-rom, but am having problems making the boot disk load the SCSI
adapter driver.

I bought the cd-rom ($600) and adapter ($200) just so that I can
install NEXSTEP because my EIDE Mitsumi 4x is not supported. shows that NEXTSTEP supports Adaptec host adapter
series 154xx so I figured 1522 would also be supported.

I tried to set my NEC cd-rom with ID 0 and also 6 ( I got this info
from the home page of NEXTSTEP) w/o any luck.

I downloaded the additional drivers for 3.2 compressed file but I cannot
uncompress on my PC running NT since uncompress is a UNIX
utitlity. Besides I do not know if the 3.2 additional drivers disk
will support the SCSI host adapter I have. ( Adaptec 1522 )

I saw NEXTSTEP running on a SPARC and liked it a lot and would love to
be able to install it. Anyone has any clue on how I can install it w/o
having to return my NEC and Adaptec SCSI adapter and buying ones that
are explicitly listed as supported on the NEXT home page?

Thank you for any help!

Syed Ali.
Systems Operator, LCSR-CF, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.

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