Work at home on your PC

Work at home on your PC

Post by JW219 » Tue, 22 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hello, thank you for your time!

     We are offering a business opportunity for individuals to earn an
income from their home or office.  All that is required to qualify for
this easy at home opportunity is a Personal Computer and a printer.  The
business is easy and anyone can do it. Individuals will need to spend a
few hours a day to succeed working part-time, in which a possible income
of $200 to $400 per week could be obtained.  If you choose to work full
time you can quite possibly make $1000+ weekly.  This is a business, and
just like any other business, you have to earn the money you make.  This
is not a get rich scheme, but an opportunity to earn good money with
little effort on your part.



1. Work at home sourcebook, over 1000 work at home opportunities

Work at home for extra income

AT&T, Hallmark, JC Penny, and over 1000 other companies routinely use
qualified home workers.

For details send a self addressed stamped envelope to

J R B ltd.
340 E 13th ave
Columbus, OH 43201

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