CD-ROM Jukebox, CD-ROM exchanger for 100, or more cds

CD-ROM Jukebox, CD-ROM exchanger for 100, or more cds

Post by alenca » Sat, 23 Mar 1996 04:00:00


I'm looking for a CD-ROM exchanger capable to handle up to 300 cd-roms.

We have many megabytes of image scanned data.

Could you please, tell or suggest me some products ?

Thanks, Alencar K. Koga


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When I tries to install World Cup '98 (a computer game from Electronic Art),
the setup program will hang when it reaches 73%. So I started up the Windows
Explorer to try to copy the files to the harddisk on my own. When copying
the same file, Windows Explorer too hang and the drive shows no activity.

My CD-ROM drive sometimes also experiences some problem playing certain VCD.
The XingMPEG player will slow down considerably (playing 1 frame every 10
seconds) and eventually hang. Using Microsoft ActiveMovie sometimes solve
the problem but may crash after selecting the file to play. Confused? Maybe
I should put it in another way. Microsoft ActiveMovie can play some of the
VCDs that XingMPEG has problem playing, but not all of them.

I've noticed that the loading tray has a bit of dust in it. Does it affect
the reading of a CD-ROM?

Is it because of a damaged CD-ROM or there is something seriously wrong with
the CD-ROM drive? What should I do now?

My CD-ROM drive is a Creative Infra3600 (24x).

Thanks in advance! I'm very frustrated and worried since the my CD_ROM
drive is rather eratic -- it cannot read certain CD-ROMs and VCDs but can
read the rest.

Thanks once again.  

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