Mini wireless optical usb Labtech

Mini wireless optical usb Labtech

Post by McEv » Sun, 03 Aug 2003 09:23:31

I seem to be unable to install this mouse. I have tried several different
things - ran rhe setup as isntructed to, got new drivers from the web - to
no avail.

I then noticed I couldn't see the mouse under "Mice" in dvice manager. I did
however notice a new device under Human interface devices - " HID compliant
device". I belive I'm supposed to get a HID compliant mouse under "Mice" as
well? If I choose to upgrade the driver for "HID compliant device", I can
choose to install "HID compliant mouse ", but then "HID compliant device"
disappears and "HID compliant mouse" appears - and of course- don't work.

Any good ideas about what to do? I'd love to hear from someone who got it to
work on a Win XP  SP1.

Thank you!