CD-ROM Standard(s)

CD-ROM Standard(s)

Post by Dag Schoi » Sun, 07 Jul 1991 01:57:36

My employer wants me to find out if there is such a thing as a
standard for CD-ROM, and CD-ROM players. I tried the local book-
stores and several back issues of Byte magazine with no luck.
  Maybe there is a document somewhere on the net or if anybody
knows of any up-to-date books on the subject I would very much
appreciate your help by e-mail.
   Sorry if this is not the right newsgroup for this question, I
tried to be imaginative.
Dag Sch|ier,
Kjessler & Mannerstr}le, Solna, SWEDEN,


CD-ROM Standard(s)

Post by Dag Schoi » Thu, 11 Jul 1991 00:54:13

First of all, thanks for all the informative answers to my question about
CD-ROM Standard(s)

I now realise there is a standard called ISO-9660 for the file-system
on the CD-ROM's.

When I read ads for CD-ROM Drives and discs I don't see how I could know
(apart from asking the various advertisers) in what ways I can combine
Discs and Drives. I realize that in order to use a drive I probably need
the manufacturers driver for whatever system I am using but what I really
want to know is about compatibility/incompatibility between Disks and Drives.

If ISO-9660 is the standard for both Macs, DOS-machines, Suns etc does that
mean I can use the same Disc with all of them (probably not :-( ) if I use
the proper software ?

What I should have included in my question is wether the standard (apparently
ISO-9660) is enforced and/or commonly adhered to.

Dag Sch|ier,
Kjessler & Mannerstr}le, Solna, SWEDEN,


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