My optical mouse pointer sticks

My optical mouse pointer sticks

Post by J44X » Sat, 14 Jun 2003 12:52:26

When I move my Micro Innovations optical mouse after leaving it alone for a
few seconds, the pointer won't move for almost a second or so. I'm curious:
Is this a problem with the mouse, a problem with Windows XP Home, or just
the sign of a cheap mouse (which it is, it seems)? Thanks in advance ...
J44XM (

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I have a strange mouse pointer problem.  When i start up Windows 95 in
Normal Mode, the mouse pointer is not available and i get a GENERAL
PROTECTION ERROR that says pointer.exe caused this error. When i start up
Windows 95 in SAFE MODE, the mouse pointer is available.  I've
defragmented the drive, and i went into Device Manager where it said there
wasn't any conflicts.  We have an upgraded 486 (upgraded to a Pentium 133
with an Overdrive Processor) that has 24 mb of ram and has worked fine for
the last 5 years.  Can anyone help us?

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