Problems syncing Smartphone without Serial port

Problems syncing Smartphone without Serial port

Post by De » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 11:33:28

Here's what I have:
Sony PC - without a serial port
IOGear USB PDA/Serial Adapter (GUC232A) to convert USB to Serial
Kyocera 6035 Smartphone (phone/PDA combo) with serial cradle

The connection is fine.  What I'm guessing is going on is that the COM
ports are being assigned dynamically.  I start the sync and then the
connection "drops" and I get a lost connection message on the phone.

I've talked with Sony and IOGear so far without any intelligent
suggestions.  I need some help from someone who knows something!




1. Win2k USB to multi serial port enumeration problem without std serial installed

We have had a USB to 4 port serial device driver for some
time under Windows 2000.  Recently it came to our
attention that the driver does not install correctly when
there are no standard serial ports installed on the
system.  The PORTS give an error code of 31 (driver

I have tried to track down this issue using debug versions
of serenum.sys and turning on the install log messages to
maximum.  The main difference I see is serenum is not
being called back with a AddDevice callback without the
standard serial port driver installed.

I have ensured my INF files have the appropriate Needs and
Include statements to ensure the serenum.sys filter driver
is loaded.

Our install is handled using a single driver that acts as
a PDO then spawns the 4 FDOs for the com ports.  A second
INF file takes care of some of the install details for
these FDO com ports.

Does anyone have any idea why there would be any
interaction between our USB / PORT device driver?  We
don't make any reference to serial.sys, so the connection
here eludes me.


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