SCSI Floptical questions

SCSI Floptical questions

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I am specifying a floptical drive to replace a 720K 3.5" floppy.

Does anyone have any experience with flopticals that they
could share with me? I have seen the literature on the drive
made by Insite Peripherals. The media seems to come from at
least 2 sources, 3M and Maxell.

Are the drives second sourced?
Are there any other alternatives that I should consider?
How reliable are they?
Any problems with interchanging media between drives?
Any special SW problems? I am working with a proprietary real time OS
and a SCSI interface.

Any other questions that I should be asking?

Please email to me and I will summarize.




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1. SCSI Floptical Benchmarking?

I have a floptical drive connected to my PC SCSI controller but can't
find any benchmarks that will test it.  Everything I have will only do
hard drives.  Is there anything out there that will bench my floptical?  
I would think any one of the following benchmarks would do:

1) A floptical
2) A removeable-media device such as syquest or optical drive
3) A logical DOS drive
4) A floppy drive

To be specific it is a PLI-brand INSITE-manufactured external MAC floptical
drive connected internally to a PC.  The SCSI controller is a Ultrastor 14F
SCSI-2 controller.  I have been able to run all Adaptec software on it so
far so I think it is Adaptec compatible.

Surprisingly it wasn't hard convincing an external MAC drive to be an
internal PC drive.  The hard part is ejecting the disks.

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