URGENT WTB: Harddrive for Grid portable 386 (Grid 1450sx)

URGENT WTB: Harddrive for Grid portable 386 (Grid 1450sx)

Post by kri.. » Wed, 09 Aug 1995 04:00:00

If posted to wrong newsgroup, please forgive me as I'm getting desperate...

My harddisk is dying, and I can't afford to by another computer....

Specs for the original drive is as follows:

 Manuf./Model: PrairieTek  40MB - PT240A              
 Serial Number: 2019723BNLUW301000D
 Firmware Rev.: 2174005K    

 Drive Reports- Heads:   4    Cylinders:   615  Sects/Trk:  34
 BIOS Reports - Heads:   4    Cylinders:   614  Sects/Trk:  34
 HDPT Data    - Heads:   4    Cylinders:   615  Sects/Trk:  34

 Formatted Capacity: 42.82MB     Transfer Rate: 5 MBITS/SEC      
 Data Encoding: NON-MFM       Drive Media: FIXED        
 Inter-Sector Bytes: 0               Sectoring: HARD SECTORED
 Sync Field Bytes: 0             Buffer Size: 2 SECTORS
 Defect Reallocation: YES       Double-Word I/O: NO
 Controller Type: SINGLE-PORT SINGLE-SECTOR BUFFER          

 Bytes/Logical Trk: 22032 (Unformatted)
 Bytes/Sector: 648   (Unformatted)

(Norton System information says it's a Type 26 in the cmos, but gridscan.exe
(came with the computer, special setup software) says it is type 11).

It is a 2.5 inch drive, but with a 3.5 inch data-connector (adapters are no
problem so this is close to irrelevant)

If you have such a drive, or know of anyone who has, or know of a company who
sells such drives


if you have a larger drive that can replace the above, or know of anyone.... or

PLEASE let me know.

I have tried to use a 3.5 inch drive, but had to use special software
(Anydrive.exe) to modify the bootstrap to "fool" the computer into "seeing" the
drive, this is  a solution I'm not afraid of using again (I think I'll have to
with a larger drive).