Nakamichi MB4-S - 7 Disc Music Bank System - Load Mechanism Fault

Nakamichi MB4-S - 7 Disc Music Bank System - Load Mechanism Fault

Post by David Longle » Sat, 16 Aug 2003 22:17:18

I have a Nakamichi MB4-S 7 CD Changer which I'm having problems

I opened it up to clean the lens, and when I accidentally inverted the
unit, a horizontal metal bar inside the changer unit came loose.
Symptoms now are ERR a few secs after power on. I can't see what this
horizontal bar is supposed to be doing and how it fits exactly. I assume
it has something to do with selecting one of the 7 plastic trays - as at
present, the tray load and eject isn't working without it in place.

The bar has a V shape notch in one end and the other end looks something
like the tail of a J - along. The horizontal (ie between the two side
pieces described above, it must be about 4" long and .25" wide.

I can force the unit to eject the tray but not return it.

Can someone please advise where the central bar should go?

I think it's the same mechanism as used on the CD ROM changers at that

David Longley


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I am running OS/2 Warp Connect and Lan Server 4.0 with an Adaptec 2842
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is that with disconnect enabled on the controller the changers will
randomly start to rotate through the cd's.  This can happen at any time
either right after a workstation logs in or several hours when the
system is idle.  With disconnect disabled all the machines freeze while
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I have tried using a 1542c and it does the same thing.

A friend has a 1542cf and is running the same changer under Win 95 and
he has told me that with disconnect enabled his drive starts the rotate
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I have spoke with Adaptec and they have not been able to come up with

Is there anyone else having the same problem with either OS/2 or Win 95?

Does anyone have any ideas?


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