LIsa to Okidata printer driver

LIsa to Okidata printer driver

Post by 452is-Ziem » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 22:24:00

I have an Apple Lisa with a Parallel Interface card installed.
I want to print to an Okidata printer which usually uses Epson
FX80 or FX100 drivers on the PC/AT.  What I need is a Mac Epson
FX driver for the Lisa so I can print to it. I have heard that
such a driver is available, but I need to know where and what
the price is.

Thanks in advance,

Bob Zieman


1. Okidata OL410e Printer Driver

I am trying to get my Okidata OL410e printer to work with OPENSTEP 4.2.  I
am using the Oki OL410e driver (assuming that Oki and Okidata are the
same), but it doesn't seem to be working.  What driver has been found to
work with this printer?

It works fine in Win95 and communicates in OS, but doesn't print.



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