K7N2G-ILSR definitely defective

K7N2G-ILSR definitely defective

Post by Mathias Rousseau / LaCie Canad » Sun, 20 Jul 2003 01:37:39

Well here are the conclusions of the tech guy that took a look to my
motherboard yesterday night. He couldn't boot either, and tried pretty hard
with different processors, different power supplies, and different memory
banks. Wouldn't boot AT ALL. The board was like "whistling" for a short
moment when powered up. When trying to boot, either nothing (AT ALL)
happened, or the northbridge on-board fan started to spin for 1 second and
then the motherboard stops. Pretty weird.

I'm getting a new one today hopefully, a new revision called the K7N2G-Delta
ILSR. Does anybody know the difference between the regular and the Delta?
Any good experience?

Besides, I need somebody to explain me how speeds are related on a
motherboard: FSB, Memory clock speed, motherboard bus speed... Apparently,
the memory I purchased before (that could work on my mobo, see previous
posts) which was a KingMax 512MB DDR400 PC3200 speed would not be compatible
with my Athlon TB 1,2Ghz FSB133Mhz.... Could somebody explain me how the
different speeds are related?