MS Workgroups for WIndows, Thinkpad 750 + PCMCIA Xircom

MS Workgroups for WIndows, Thinkpad 750 + PCMCIA Xircom

Post by David Longle » Wed, 15 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I have a "Corporate Series" Ethernet PCMCIA Xircom card which checks
out in DOS, but is not recognized when I run DETECT in WIndows for Work

I've tried EMMExclude D000-D8FF - nothing.

Trying the same procedure with a WD8003 card in two desk top PCs presents
no problem at all.

I know the card is OK, as EXPLAY (sockets and services for PCMCIA) say it
is ready, and the XIRCOM test program show sthe card to be working in DOS.
The problem seems to be in Windows. PROTMAN.INI has D000, IRQ 5 and IO

Can anyone suggest what the porblem is?

(QEMM Optimization escludes D000-D8FF)..

David Longley


1. Xircom Cem56, Tecra 750 and NT


This is more or less a distress call towards all the notebook users on the
Net. I have a Toshiba Tecra 750 CDT with 96MB of memory and Bios 7.10,
running Windows NT 4.0 sp3. I also have a Xircom Realport 10/100 + Modem 56K
installed in my PCMCIA slot. I use the latest driver from their website
(CEM56.SYS, version (driver pack 2.31)). Together with that, I
bought SystemSoft's CardWizard 4.1 for NT 4.0 and PowerProfiler 2.30.13.
Although I did not have any installation problems, and the card functions
properly, I suffer from a strange problem.

During the first few hours I can safely suspend or hot-swap the card. But
somehow, if I do that after a few hours I get a BSOD (blue screen of death)
caused by the Xircom driver (CEM56.SYS). The card itself functions normally
as long as do not try to suspend or stop the driver (with CardWizard).
The card uses I/O port 0x280, memory space at 0xD4000 and IRQ 3. Other
settings did not make a difference yet.

I've already read any FAQ or technical support document available on the
net, on Xircom's site and SystemSoft's site. I've also called both of them,
send emails with system information, analyses of the memory dump NT makes,
and anything I could come up with. However, up to now, no-one has been able
to help me.

Anybody that has a clue of what is happening?

Dennis Doomen
Oc-Technologies B.V.
R&D Engineering Systems
Electronic Engineering & Information Technology

Tel: +31 (77) 3595098
Fax: +31 (77) 3595471
Mobile: +31 (655) 184487

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