Logitech Marble Mouse loses functionality

Logitech Marble Mouse loses functionality

Post by Dan Howar » Fri, 01 Aug 2003 12:08:55

I'm running WinXP Home on a MSI motherboard. I recently added a Logitech
Marble Mouse and have it working fine -- most of the time. It appears
that after coming out of suspend mode, the Button 2 function (left and
right buttons simultaneously) and sometimes buttons 4 and 5 (set fro
cruising down and up) will not function until I restart the computer.
I've tried installing the newest driver (9.78). I've tried running it
through USB and (currently) a PS2 port. Any other ideas?



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I've already read some articles with similar problems, but nothing
I've seen (and tried) has worked so far... help!

Got a new PC (testing the drivers on a scratch install of W2K).
Everything works great, including the trackball when I installed
MouseWare 9.6 that came on the CD.

Then, I realised the Logitech website has version 9.75 b302. So I
downloaded and installed it over the old one.

After reboot, the mouse kept on working, but was now being detected as
a Logitech normal 3-button mouse.

On in the Mouse properties, the Devices tab is empty and disabled, so
I can't change the device type to Marble Mouse USB.

Logitech (and their website) have an article on the subject, but it
doesn't work [and seems to me they're guessing just as much as I am!].

I tried different variations. You know, the usual trial-and-error

- Deleting the devices in Device Mgr and renewing config
- Uninstall MW, reboot, install MW -- with and without the trackball
- Updating the drivers to Microsoft drivers, then to Logitech again

ad nauseam.

I did try also to install MS IntelliPoint (using "Trackball Explorer"
as the closest device type), and then all 4 buttons worked, but I
couldn't program button 5 (when you press the two larger buttons
simultaneously), and the "Universal scroll" function that I love so
much is not in the list.

Plus I got a blue screen, but maybe that was a coincidence, as I get
them sporadically (IRQL_... error).

So now you know the score. What do I do??

If anyone knows how to "force" a device type onto the config (ie. by
hacking the INF files?), that would be fine.  And editing the registry
is not something I'm afraid of either, but so far I found nothing
useful within...


Mr. T.

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