Logitech Mouseman Optical Sleep (power save) issues

Logitech Mouseman Optical Sleep (power save) issues

Post by Jeff De » Wed, 30 Jul 2003 12:35:51

Hey guys. Does anyone here use the Logitech Mouseman Optical mouse? I
recently purchased the Logitech Elite Duo and this mouse was included
with the combo. The mouse feels great and all, but it seems that there
is no way to de-activate or at least increase the time it takes to get
to hibernation mode. About 3 seconds and boom, hibernating. The worst
part is that simply moving the mouse doesn't do the trick - one has to
click or scroll in order to get movement back again. It wouldn't be so
bad except that in the time it takes to load a page, I have to push a
button to get mouse control back and that is really unacceptable IMHO.
It REALLY sucks in games where you're waiting to snipe someone and you
miss your shot because you had to get your mouse to wake up. Does
anyone know if there is a way to adjust this setting? Thank you all
very much.

1. Logitech Cordless MouseMan Optical / USB Hub

Hi there
I have just got a Logitech Cordless MouseMan Optical and I managed to
make it work when I plug the receiver into the USB port on the actual
computer.   However, I can't make it work when I plug it into the
Belkin USB hub which everything else is plugged into.   It may sound
stupid, but I want all the USB devices on the hub because I'm using a
laptop computer and only want one USB cable trailing across my desk
from the hub and then I can have the hub etc under the desk.

If you're interested, I'm using Windows 2000 professional.   I read
the Logitech Readme file but it wasn't very helpful.   The hub has its
own power supply.

Thanks for the help
Richard Flynn

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